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Daily Current Affairs | 21-12-2021

Q.1. Which state has launched “SAHAY” scheme with the aim of nurturing young sports talent in Maoist affected districts?
Ans. Jharkhand

Q.2. The Union Cabinet has approved the Production Linked Incentive Scheme of how many crores to promote Semiconductor?
Ans. Rs 76,000 Crore

Q.3. Which state has declared “Tamil Thai Vazhathu” as the state song?
Ans. Tamil Nadu

Q.4. Which state has tied up with UNCDF to start “Mission Shakti Living Lab” for financial empowerment of women?
Ans. Odisha

Q.5. Which day is celebrated all over the world on 20th December?
Ans. International Human Solidarity Day

Q.6. Kidambi Srikanth has become which Indian male shuttler to reach the finals of BWF World Championship in badminton?
Ans. First

Q.7. Stuart Broad of England cricket team has become the first player in the world to play 150 matches in Test format?
Ans. 10th

Q.8. Which country has launched a draft agreement with NATO on security measures?
Ans. Russia

Q.9. Who won the bronze medal at the BWF World Championships in Huelva, Spain?
Ans. Lakshya Sen

Q.10. Who has been named as TIME’s 2021 Athlete of the Year?
Ans. Simone Biles

Daily Current Affairs 11-11-2021

Q.1. Sankalp Gupta, Who has recently become the fastest Grandmaster of the country?
Ans. 71st

Q.2. Which day is celebrated all over India on 10th November?
Ans. Transport Day

Q.3. Discovered Inti Tanegar, belonging to the large family of Thurupidae, is a species of?
Ans. Bird

Q.4. How many scientists of scientific institutions across India have been awarded Swarnajayanti Fellowship?
Ans. 17 Scientists

Q.5. Which Indian city has been included in UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network?
Ans. Srinagar

Q.6. Which state has announced to organize COCON 2021 conference on 12 November to prevent cyber security and hacking?
Ans. Kerala

Q.7. Gujarat has ranked first in the National Logistics Index 2021 released by which ministry?
Ans. Ministry of Commerce

Q.8. Which state has started “Shramik Mitra Yojana” to provide benefits of government schemes to the workers engaged in construction work?
Ans. Delhi Government

Q.9. In which city the first physical National Yogasana Championship is going to be held?
Ans. Bhubaneshwar

Q.10. Who has become the third cricketer in the world to complete 3000 T20 runs?
Ans. Rohit Sharma

Daily Current Affairs 10-11-2021

Q.1. From which city did the first tour of the Shri Ramayana Yatra train start?
Ans. New Delhi

Q.2. Which state’s cabinet has approved the “Industrial Relations Rules, 2021” to protect the rights of employers and employees?
Ans. Assam

Q.3. Which award’s famous singer and host Aditya Narayan has been honored with an honorary doctorate?
Ans. Nelson Mandela Peace Prize

Q.4. Which day is celebrated all over India on 9th November?
Ans. National Legal Services Day

Q.5. Which day is celebrated all over the world on 9th November?
Ans. World Urdu Day

Q.6. Which state government has set up the first special purpose vehicle to manage natural conservation missions?
Ans. Government of Tamil Nadu

Q.7. “Wang Yaping” has become which Chinese woman astronaut to walk in space?
Ans. First

Q.8. President Ram Nath Kovind has honored how many people with the Padma Award for the year 2020?
Ans. 141 People

Q.9. According to the 12th Biennial Environmental Performance Index, what is the rank of India?
Ans. 168th Place

Q.10. Which of India’s most prominent civilian honors has been conferred with the Padma Shri award by the Central Government to Harekala Hajba, a fruit seller from Karnataka?
Ans. Fourth

Daily Current Affairs 09-11-2021

Q.1. Which state launched the ‘Jansevak’ scheme offering 58 government services at the doorstep of citizens?
Ans. Karnataka

Q.2. Which city’s airport has been declared as a ‘major airport’ by the central government?
Ans. Srinagar

Q.3. Which day is celebrated all over the world on 8th November?
Ans. World Urbanization Day and International Radiology Day.

Q.4. Which Vice Admiral has taken over as the Chief of Staff of the Western Naval Command?
Ans. Krishna Swaminathan

Q.5. CS Venkatakrishnan has been appointed as the new CEO of which bank?
Ans. Barclays

Q.6. Which award has been won by South African writer Damon Galgut for “The Promise”?
Ans. Booker Prize

Q.7. Which state government has made a law to give 75 percent reservation to local people in private jobs?
Ans. Government of Haryana

Q.8. India’s foreign exchange reserves are $ 642 billion, what is the position of India in the world with the largest foreign exchange reserves?
Ans. Fourth

Q.9. Ministry of Railways and which ministry together have formed “Single Window Filming Mechanism”?
Ans. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Q.10. Researchers from which IIT institute have detected the presence of bridgmanite mineral in the Katol L6 chondrite meteorite?
Ans. IIT Kharagpur

Daily Current Affairs 08-11-2021

Q.1. Which edition of Goa Maritime Conclave (GMC) 2021 is being organized under the aegis of Naval War College, Goa from 7-9 November 2021?
Ans. Third

Q.2. In November 2021, in which state Uttam Seed Portal has been launched for the convenience of farmers?
Ans. Haryana

Q.3. Which state has launched ‘Jansevak’ scheme in November 2021 offering 58 government services at the doorsteps of citizens?
Ans. Karnataka

Q.4. Who has been awarded the Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Prize in November 2021 with honorary doctorates in playback singing and acting?
Ans. Aditya Narayan

Q.5. In November 2021, who has become the first woman coach in men’s professional franchise cricket?
Ans. Sarah Taylor

Q.6. What is the rank of IIT Bombay in the QS Asia University Rankings 2022?
Ans. 42

Q.7. In November 2021, who has introduced his new book titled “The Sage with Two Horns: Unusual Tales from Mythology”?
Ans. Sudha Murthy

Q.8. Who has been assigned the responsibility of the Director of National Drug Control Policy by the US Senate?
Ans. Rahul Gupta

Q.9. Which state has topped in terms of suicide in India, revealed in the NCRB report?
Ans. Maharashtra

Q.10. According to a report of NCRB, how many children are committing suicide every day in the country?
Ans. 31 Children

Q.11. On 7th November 2021, whose 133rd birth anniversary was celebrated?
Ans. CV Raman

Q.12. In November 2021, the central government declared the airport of which city as a ‘major airport’?
Ans. Srinagar

Daily Current Affairs 07-11-2021

Q.1. Who has been appointed as the Director-General of FICCI?
Ans. Arun Chawla

Q.2. How many museums have been inaugurated to protect the culture of ethnic tribes in Manipur?
Ans. 29

Q.3. Who has been appointed by the BCCI as the head coach of the Indian men’s team?
Ans. Rahul Dravid

Q.4. The Cook Strait separating the North and South islands of which country has been in news recently?
Ans. New Zealand

Q.5. Which state government has launched two new schemes?
Ans. Government of Karnataka

Q.6. Which country has approved Merck’s anti-viral pill, which is considered useful in the treatment of corona infection?
Ans. Britain

Q.7. Ajnish Kumar has been appointed as the new Ambassador of India to which country?
Ans. Estonia

Q.8. Which vaccine of India has been ranked in the emergency use list by the World Health Organization (WHO)?
Ans. Covaccine

Q.9. Which company has announced the closure of its business from China due to challenging business and legal environment?
Ans. Yahoo Inc.

Q.10. Which ministry and Flipkart have signed MoU to empower local businesses?
Ans. Ministry of Rural Development

Daily Current Affairs 06-11-2021

Q.1. Which country has approved Merck’s anti-viral pill, which is considered useful in the treatment of corona infection?
Ans. Britain

Q.2. Which company has announced the closure of its business from China due to the increasingly challenging business and legal environment?
Ans. Yahoo Inc.

Q.3. Which ministry and Flipkart have signed MoU to empower local businesses?
Ans. Ministry of Rural Development

Q.4. The Cook Strait separating the North and South islands of which country has been in the news?
Ans. New Zealand

Q.5. Which state government has launched two new schemes?
Ans. Government of Karnataka

Q.6. India and which country has launched an international network of solar power grids?
Ans. United Kingdom (UK)

Q.7. Damon Galgut has won the Booker Prize 2021 for which of his novels?
Ans. Du Promise

Q.8. Who has been appointed by the BCCI as the head coach of the Indian cricket men’s team?
Ans. Rahul Dravid

Q.9. Which Indian has been elected as Ambassador to Estonia?
Ans. Ajnish Kumar

Q.10. Recently who has inaugurated the supercomputing facility?
Ans. Jitendra Singh

Daily Current Affairs 05-11-2021

Q.1. Which country has announced a ban on the use of foreign currencies?
Ans. Afghanistan

Q.2. In the released ICC T20 Batting Rankings, who is the first player with an 834 ratings?
Ans. Babar Azam

Q.3. Which country has approved the Pfizer vaccine for children aged 5 to 11?
Ans. America

Q.4. For whom the Union Home Minister Amit Shah has launched the “Ayushman CAPF Health Card”?
Ans. Personnel of Central Armed Police Forces

Q.5. Minister of Renewable Energy who inaugurated the diversion of river Marusudar in Pakal Dul Hydroelectric Project?
Ans. R K Singh

Q.6. Which state has been invited to participate in the Virtually International Seed Conference organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization?
Ans. Telangana

Q.7. Who has approved acquisition proposals worth Rs 7,965 crore for the modernization and operational needs of the armed forces?
Ans. Defense Acquisition Council

Q.8. Which social media company has decided to discontinue the face recognition system “Face Recognition System”?
Ans. Facebook

Q.9. In which district did the Manipur government launch ‘Go to Village 2.0’?
Ans. Thoubal

Q.10. How many new Tribes India outlets did Arjun Munda, the Union Minister for Tribal Affairs, actually launch?
Ans. Four (4)

Daily Current Affairs 04-11-2021

Q.1. By which year did Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged to reduce India’s net carbon emissions to zero?
Ans. 2070

Q.2. Which anniversary of its Raising Day was celebrated by the Aviation Corps of the Indian Army on 1 November 2021?
Ans. 36th

Q.3. Which mission has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records?
Ans. National Mission for Clean Ganga

Q.4. In which conference the United Nations Environment Program has launched the “International Methane Emissions Observatory”?
Ans. G20 Summit

Q.5. Which ministry has announced Haj 2022 at Haj House in South Mumbai?
Ans. Union Ministry of Minority Affairs

Q.6. Which Shipbuilders Limited has delivered the first ship of “Project 15B Class Destroyer Visakhapatnam” to the Indian Navy?
Ans. Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited

Q.7. Former Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh has announced to leave which political party?
Ans. Congress

Q.8. In which state the Government of India and the World Bank have signed an MoU worth $ 40 million to improve health?
Ans. Meghalaya

Q.9. In how many languages, the Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has launched “Sangam App” to help people learn common spoken sentences?
Ans. 22 Languages

Q.10. Which state has announced to provide complete exemption in motor vehicle taxes and registration fee on electric vehicles?
Ans. Government of Odisha

Daily Current Affairs 02-11-2021

Q.1. Which country has presided over the 16th G20 Summit 2021?
Ans. Italy

Q.2. What is the rank of India in the World Justice Project (WJP) Rule of Law Index 2021?
Ans. 79

Q.3. Which Shatabdi Express has become the first IMS-certified train?
Ans. Chennai-Mysore-Chennai Shatabdi Express.

Q.4. Which state’s cabinet has approved the caste-based census?
Ans. Andhra Pradesh Cabinet

Q.5. Indian Navy’s stealth frigate Sushil has been launched at Yantar shipyard of which country?
Ans. Russia

Q.6. Which state’s Guru Ghasidas National Park and Tamor Pingla Wildlife Sanctuary of the National Tiger Conservation Authority have been declared as a new Tiger Reserve?
Ans. Chhattisgarh

Q.7. For how many years the tenure of World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Ghebreyesus has been extended?
Ans. 5 years

Q.8. Who has been appointed as the new director of Power Finance Corporation Limited?
Ans. Rajeev Ranjan Jha

Q.9. How many member Economic Advisory Council has been reconstituted by the Government of India for the Prime Minister?
Ans. Seven (7)

Q.10. Which one special train has been inaugurated by the Railways to clear the extra rush of passengers during the festive season?
Ans. Gati Shakti Express

Daily Current Affairs 01-11-2021

Q.1. In which city the 30th edition of “Hunar Haat” has been inaugurated?
Ans. Dehradun

Q.2. Which country launched its first manned ocean mission “Samudrayaan”?
Ans. India

Q.3. Which ministry is organizing the “Deep Dive Online Training Program”?
Ans. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Q.4. Which organization has released the report titled “State of the Climate in Asia”?
Ans. World Meteorological Organization

Q.5. Which edition of “National Formulary of India” has been launched by the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Mansukh Mandaviya?
Ans. Sixth

Q.6. According to the annual report released by NCRB, which state of India has ranked first in terms of suicide?
Ans. Maharashtra

Q.7. In which state of India, famous actor Yusuf Hursain has passed away?
Ans. Punjab

Q.8. DRDO and which Indian Army has successfully test-fired India’s first indigenous long-range bomb?
Ans. Indian Air Force

Q.9. In which state the President of India Ram Nath Kovind has inaugurated a housing scheme for the economically weaker sections?
Ans. Gujarat

Q.10. Which day goes all over India on 31st October?
Ans. National Unity Day

Daily Current Affairs 31-10-2021

Q.1. Which ministry has launched a market segment named “Green Day Ahead Market (GDAM) ?
Ans. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Q.2. Which cinema’s power star actor Puneet Rajkumar has passed away?
Ans. Kannada Cinema

Q.3. Which organization has released the report “The Changing Wealth of Nations 2021”?
Ans. World Bank

Q.4. How many years has the central government extended the tenure of RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das?
Ans. 3 years

Q.5. Which day is celebrated all over the world on 30 October?
Ans. World Savings Day

Q.6. India Post Payments Bank and which bank have signed an MoU for providing home loans to customers?
Ans. HDFC Bank

Q.7. Which social media company has recently changed its corporate name to “META”?
Ans. Facebook

Q.8. India has applied for loan from Asian Development Bank and which bank to buy COVID-19 vaccines?
Ans. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Q.9. Which country has recently issued the first passport with “X” gender marker?
Ans. America

Q.10. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached which country to attend the G-20 summit?
Ans. Italy

Q.11. How many dollars in aid has been announced by the US for the people of Afghanistan?
Ans. $144 Million

Daily Current Affairs 30-10-2021

Q.1. Which country’s former President Roh Tae-woo has passed away?
Ans. South Korea

Q.2. Which ministry has launched “Amrit Mahotsav Podcast” on the freedom movement?
Ans. Ministry of Culture

Q.3. The Reserve Bank of India has appointed Baldev Prakash as the next Managing Director and CEO of which bank?
Ans. Jammu and Kashmir Bank

Q.4. Which day is celebrated all over the world on 29 October?
Ans. World Stroke Day

Q.5. India and which country have held their first strategic dialogue in New Delhi?
Ans. Kyrgyzstan

Q.6. Which mega vaccination campaign against corona virus has been announced by the central government from next month?
Ans. ‘Har Ghar Dastak’ Campaign

Q.7. The Strategic Forces Command of the Indian Army has conducted the first successful user test of which ballistic missile?
Ans. Agni-5

Q.8. Which state of India has become the first open defecation free state?
Ans. Goa

Q.9. Which railway station has been renamed as “Ayodhya Cantt” by the Uttar Pradesh government?
Ans. Faizabad Railway Station

Q.10. Which foundation has recently launched “Healthy Women, Healthy Goa” initiative?
Ans. YouWeCan Foundation

Daily Current Affairs 29-10-2021

Q.1. In which state has it been decided to set up 34 children friendly police stations?
Ans. Odisha

Q.2. Who has received the National Film Award for Best Educational Film 2021?
Ans. Syed Sultan Ahmed

Q.3. Name the Union Civil Aviation Minister, who has inaugurated the first direct flight on Shillong-Dibrugarh sector?
Ans. Jyotiraditya Scindia

Q.4. In which state of India will the National Tribal Dance Festival be organized from 28 to 30 October?
Ans. Chhattisgarh

Q.5. Anita Anand of Indian origin has recently become the new Defense Minister of which country?
Ans. Canada

Q.6. The names of how many players including Neeraj Chopra have been proposed by the National Sports Awards Committee for the Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award 2021?
Ans. 11

Q.7. Which space agency has detected a planet outside our galaxy for the first time?

Q.8. Kalyan Kumar has been appointed as the new executive director of which bank?
Ans. Punjab National Bank

Q.9. With which company National Skill Development Corporation has launched Skill India Impact Bond?
Ans. British Asian Trust

Q.10. In which city of Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched “Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission”?
Ans. Varanasi

Daily Current Affairs 28-10-2021

Q.1. In which Indian city the Radio over Internet Protocol system has been inaugurated?
Ans. Kolkata

Q.2. The Government of India and who has signed a loan financing agreement to promote urban transport in Mizoram?
Ans. Asian Development Bank

Q.3. Which country has recently launched the “National Infrastructure Fund”?
Ans. Saudi Arabia

Q.4. Which country has announced that it will achieve “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions level by the year 2060?
Ans. Saudi Arabia

Q.5. Which country’s Navy Chief Admiral M. Shaheen Iqbal has visited India?
Ans. Bangladesh

Q.6. According to the data released by the sample registration system, the infant mortality rate in India has fallen to how much?
Ans. 30

Q.7. Who has planned to set up a panel for the National Employment Policy?
Ans. Central Government

Q.8. When is the World Audio-Visual Heritage Day celebrated?
Ans. 27 October

Q.9. The first case of Zika virus has been reported from Kanpur in which state of India?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh

Q.10. Which ministry has constituted a National Steering Committee?
Ans. Ministry of Education

Daily Current Affairs Today | 27-10-2021

Q.1. Which neighboring country of India has passed a new boundary law on the protection of land border areas?
Ans. China

Q.2. Where has the second Army Commanders’ Conference (2021) started?
Ans. New Delhi

Q.3. Which country has launched the “Saudi Green Initiative Forum”?
Ans. Saudi Arabia

Q.4. Shri Amit Shah has inaugurated the first direct international flight between Srinagar in India to Sharjah of which country?
Ans. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Q.5. During the coup in which country, the Prime Minister and several ministers of the interim government were arrested by the army?
Ans. Sudan

Q.6. Who has been honored with the Best Actor Award during the 67th National Film Awards?
Ans. Manoj Bajpayee

Q.7. Which actor has been honored with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, the film’s highest honor at the 67th ceremony?
Ans. Superstar Rajinikanth

Q.8. Which state has announced free education scheme to boost the level of education?
Ans. Haryana

Q.9. Which day is celebrated all over the world on 26 October?
Ans. World Intersex Awareness Day

Q.10. India has recently handed over the Jayanagar-Kurtha rail link to which neighboring country?
Ans. Nepal

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