30,000 UGC-NET scholars can now monitor their application process online

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NEW DELHI: The University Grants Commission has made the process of disbursement of scholarships to nearly 30,000 scholars of the National Eligibility Test (UGC-NET) paperless. The new system in place also helps these scholars monitor the status of their application process online.
The Scholarship and Fellowship Management Portal (SFMP) developed by Canara Bank has been integrated with the Public Financial Management System (PFMS) platform for payments through DBT mode. The students can now apply in the first two-weeks of every month and track the process till the money is credited directly to their account in the first week of the subsequent month.
The earlier system was plagued by clearance delays and disbursement. Two months ago the UGC called for a meeting with 40 Junior Research Fellows and asked for their feedback. Their feedback was incorporated in the SFMP to make the process completely paper-less and time bound.
According to M Jagadesh Kumar, chairperson, UGC, “Recently UGC has introduced new enhancements in the portal such as linking initiation by the scholar, monthly payment confirmation initiation by scholar, tracking module, grievance module and onboarding of academic user, etc.”
As per the new protocol, the students will initiate the process of application in the first two weeks of the month and the head of the department will clear it online. The nodal officer will then approve, followed by the UGC consulting for the fund requirement. “By the 25th of the month the Commission will submit the fund requirement request to the ministry of education. And by the first week of the next month the ministry will disburse the scholarships directly to the candidates,” added Kumar.
The candidates will be able to track the complete process up to the disbursal of the scholarships and the money getting credited to their accounts on the portal.
“There used to be a lot of paper works earlier and the scholars did not know at which stage the delays were, in case of any delays. Now suppose there is a delay at the level of the head of the department, the student can see and mail to the HoD for his/ her clearance,” said Kumar.
After testing the system for two months, the UGC again asked the 40 scholars for their feedback. “Once these students, the main stakeholders, said that there is no delay and they are happy with this paperless online system we are going ahead with this for all of the approximately 30,000 scholars,” added Kumar.
The payments to the awardees are generated automatically on the portal for all awardees linked by university/ institution/ college based on monthly confirmation of candidates on the designated web portal. The UGC has called for a training session/ workshop for nodal officers working on SFMP from November 14 to 18.

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